SPORTMATCH is a college athlete placement and consulting firm with over 50 years of experience.

We provide expert guidance and counsel for student athletes and their families when navigating through a sea of uncertainty. SPORTMATCH is your liaison and advocate. Our focus is on the more serious student and we work thoughtfully and proactively to get deserving prospects in front of decision makers using our experience and established relationships in college athletics.

Marty, you have changed John King 3rd's life forever. On to MIT we go!

John King - Atlanta | Parent

Lane Odom and SPORTMATCH have extended our program's reach when gaining exposure for our student athletes. They have experience, knowledge, and the respect of the college coaches. This is a model that has been much needed.

Freddie Johnson - Greensboro Day School Head Coach

Lane, thank you for your assistance during the recruiting process. We are so fortunate to have found out about you as I had minimal recruiting activity. The respect that you garner from the coaches that recruited me made the difference in getting me the right amount of exposure. I am thrilled to be heading to Hamilton College and you are a very big reason why.

Kyle Pitman - Phoenix, AZ | Student Athlete

Lane, I really appreciate you working with Jeff and offering your experience and guidance. As a D1 coach, I understand the importance of your strong relationships in the business and the value of your endorsement.

Jeff Jones - Washington, DC | Old Dominion University Head Coach

I knew I could count on the Odoms to find the right spot for my son. Thank you so much for working with TJ and getting his name out there to quality programs. He is very happy at Richmond.

Nancy Lieberman - Dallas, TX | Basketball HOF member

A critical decision that my family and I made at the outset of our search for the best college for me was choosing to work with SM. The world of recruiting and admissions at the outset seems vast, massive, and intimidating but their expertise and experience helped us find a more narrow and manageable path.

Student Athlete

I would strongly recommend Sportmatch to families of student athletes who aspire to play collegiately at highly selective academic institutions.  We took the view that college is a 40-year decision, and felt the investment made in working with the Sportmatch team exceeded our expectations.  The established relationships and respect they have with college coaches was extremely valuable and they helped guide us through the entire football recruitment process.  Our son ultimately received multiple offers from Ivy League and Service Academies, and he is thrilled to be attending Dartmouth College, which is the perfect fit for him. 

Dave Roegge - Marietta, GA | Parent