1. We Simplify The Process

The process often becomes confusing and frustrating.  SPORTMATCH decodes the process using our vast experience and strong relationships.

2. We Won’t Waste Your Time

The athlete recruiting industry has become populated, nosey and fragmented. Travel for recruiting related events, camps, and exposure can be expensive and time consuming. With SPORTMATCH as your college selection liaison, we can reduce the background noise, answer valuable questions on the front end and make good use of your time and money.

3. As Former Athletes and Coaches, We Know What We Are Doing

Let’s face it, SPORTMATCH has been in the field and on the court for years. There is no substitute for experience and we have spent our lives committed to developing young athletes and enhancing the athletic community.

4.  Identifying The Best College Program Match

There are dynamics and parameters with each “case” that will have an impact on the positioning of the applicant. Therefore, it is important for student athletes and their families to have a clear understanding of the college search process and where the student athlete stands with targeted institutions.

5. Evaluating the Athlete

Our team will evaluate from a coaches perspective and will provide our athletes and their families with a reliable assessment of their athletic abilities. This clear point of reference is an important factor in getting closer to the programs that will be more likely to engage.