My Story

Jon was an all-county four-year starting goalie for Bay Shore High School on Long Island before moving to the collegiate level. After spending his freshman year at Jackson University, Jon transferred to Sacred Heart University where he went on to be a three-year starter at the Division 1 level. While leading Sacred Heart to multiple NEC playoff appearances Jon also was a volunteer coach for both girls and boys youth lacrosse teams. Jon Graduated in May of 2015 with a bachelors degree in Economics.

Jon has a strong understanding of the complicated world of college recruiting in the sport of lacrosse and has developed strong relationships with coaches from schools with highly competitive programs and garner national respect academically.

Jon spent several summers as a mate on a commercial tuna fishing boat. 

Why did you join SPORTMATCH?

As I consider my experience navigating the recruiting process as a prospect,  I remember many of the challenges I faced and how uneasy I felt trying to gain exposure to the schools that I felt I merited.  With proper guidance and assistance, I believe I could have had many more options to consider. At SPORTMATCH, I saw an opportunity to use my experiences as a recruited athlete to help guide deserving players that value academics to the program and college that is the right fit for them.

What makes SPORTMATCH unique?

SPORTMATCH offers a more personal and thoughtful approach.   The philosophy is to encourage student athletes and their families to think from a more broad perspective.  The message from our team is to look beyond your 4 years on campus, but what it could do for you during your adult life. SPORTMATCH not only brings unparalleled experience, but a commitment to making sure each prospect finds the match that will allow them to thrive and develop in all areas.