My Story

Lori comes to SPORTMATCH with a diverse background in both playing and coaching. She has over 30 years of coaching experience, played three sports in high school, and was recruited to play basketball at Southwest Missouri State. She later transferred to a Division III to compete in all three sports.

After college, Lori began her basketball coaching career at the Division III level at DePauw University turning a losing program into two-time Conference Champions as well as being named Conference Coach of the Year twice.

Lori joined the coaching staff at the University of Minnesota where the team competed twice in the NCAA National Tournament. The WNBA Minnesota Lynx began its inaugural season in 1999 and Lori was hired as the Director of Basketball Community Relations.

While raising her two boys, Lori became involved in coaching and directing youth basketball programs and coaching AAU teams. In Charlotte, she has coached at middle school and high school levels but her passion is promoting and developing youth. Lori is currently directing Yes I Can Basketball leagues and training, as well as individual personal basketball training.


Why did you join SPORTMATCH?

More guidance would have been beneficial to me when I went through the recruiting process. At SPORTMATCH I can use my experience as a recruited athlete as well as my years of recruiting student athletes to make this process a positive one that will have lifetime benefits.

What makes SPORTMATCH unique?

In the recruiting process SPORTMATCH takes an approach that connects the family and student athlete to an academic institution that will enable them to be most successful with a process that is more personal.